Social Justice Astrology


To paraphrase Simone de Beauvoir, astrology is not destiny. More cynically according to Theodor Adorno, astrology is the mythical handmaiden of totalitarianism, keeping the consumer classes in check. But what do Frankfurt school philosophers know about fun? For one year, I wrote social justice astrological readings for my acquaintances on Facebook based on a limited lottery system, and occasionally in exchange for donations to bail funds. Social Justice Astrology readings looks at astrology as a way to inquire into the complexity of human personalities and dispositions, and examines how that complexity might be activated for social change. Social movements would fail miserably if they were only comprised of charismatic leaders, or of skilled guillotine architects, indeed, they require all of us channeling our unique skills. Social Justice Astrology posits that the diversity of roles in social movements mirrors the diversity of star charts that exist and approaches being a double Aries with a Scorpio moon as an asset, not a deficit.