When Carol Zou was growing up in subsidized university housing as the child of first-generation Chinese immigrants, she read The Fledgling by Jane Langton and convinced the rest of the children in the apartment complex that if they practiced hard enough, they could collectively learn how to fly. She is still a professional dreamer, interlocutor, writer, organizer, educator, provocateur, and systems architect around issues of public space, imagination, and liberation from structural oppression.

Projects/Collaborations include:


Michelada Think Tank, a multi-state alliance of creative workers of color that highlights the need for diversity in the creative fields. Michelada Think Tank has presented at 18th Street Art Center, Open Engagement, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, and San Diego Art Institute. Additionally, Michelada Think Tank consults with local governments and arts institutions on issues of cultural equity.


Trans.lation Vickery Meadow, an arts and cultural platform initiated by Rick Lowe and commissioned by the Nasher Sculpture Center, located in the immigrant, refugee, African American, and Latinx neighborhood of Vickery Meadow, Dallas, Texas. Through resident-led councils, resident-taught workshops, professional development, and pop-up exhibitions, Trans.lation facilitates a space of cultural freedom and self-organization among a diverse and polylingual community. While in residence, Carol also developed public projects in collaboration with Mothers Against Police Brutality, and incubated connections between local artists and activist organizations.


Yarn Bombing Los Angeles, a collective ranging from 20 to 500 crafters that creates public art through crowdsourced, participatory models. YBLA has collaborated with diverse constituencies including: Downtown Women's Center in Skid Row, Braille Institute of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Mayor's Office.

Carol received her B.F.A. from Cornell University with minors in Urban Planning and Gender Studies, and her M.F.A. in Public Practice from Otis College of Art and Design. She has participated in fellowships and residencies from Solidarity School, Intercultural Leadership Institute, National Art Strategies, Women's Center for Creative Work, Common Field, University of Chicago Place Lab-Rebuild Foundation, and Project Row Houses - University of Houston College of the Arts.

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